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"Filari di Mazzon" is a black Pinot cultivated on the hill of Mazzon, a village on the left of the Adige valley, at the foot of the "Monte Corno" Natural Park and cradle of this delicate grape variety. The clayey and calcareous nature of the soil is an excellent premise for the production of a Pinot Noir that is savory, round, finely tannic, and fruity with notes of raspberry and blackcurrant. Typical characteristics of Mazzon Pinot Noir are: sweet fruit nose, tastiness in the mouth, and dense tannin.

Designation of Origin Alto Adige DOC
Position Pinot noir cultivated in Mazzon
Vine training system Guyot and pergola   7800/9200  plants/hectare
Aerea 4 hectare
Field names and planting year Kreuzl :2010, Paggen: 2000, Loch: 2014; Oberes Langfeld: 2000; Unteres Langfeld: 2015; Auf dem Bichl: 2019; Keilackerl: 2013
Soils Limestone of fluvial-glacial origin, rich in the skeleton with an average clay content of 15%.
Height 300/450 m above sea level.
Vinification and ageing The fermentation and maceration process takes place over a period of about ten days, during which daily pumping and crushing are carried out. Malolactic fermentation is carried out in oak vats. The wine then ages and ages for twelve months in large barrels and barriques. This period is followed by assembly in large wooden and steel barrels for two/three months before bottling. The wine is left to mature for six months in the cellar before being marketed.
First vintage 2001
Production 30,000 Bottles